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The white paper

V4Rs - Engineered to win

-4% decrease in drag at 50 km/h leading to a 5 extra watts saved.

-57g saved in frameset weight compared to the previous.

+5% increased stiffness in seated position.

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V4Rs - From-race-to-race approach

During 2022 season the riders of UAE Team Emirates used a prototype version of the V4Rs, the Colnago PROTOTIPO. We improved it based on their feedbacks.

Colnago V4Rs: a bike that meets all the desires of a Pro rider.

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V4Rs - Built to do just one thing: to win.

The V Series Colnago means just one thing: a bicycle made for winning races.

Every detail is curated and optimized to let our Pro riders dominate the most important races WorldWide, such as Monuments and Tour de France.

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Why owning a Colnago

Colnago DNA


We are the Ace of Cycling.

We pursue nothing but excellence. We aim for the best at everything we do.

The audacious and victorious attitude of champions inspires us to create the most thriving and pioneer experiences.


We were guided by a true Master: Ernesto Colnago, the expert and visionary.

We still carry his wisdom and artisan skill to create superior experiences and reliable high-end products.

We are pioneers, we strive to design the future today.


The Italian passion runs through our veins.

We pursue a legacy of style, high-quality and fine details that gave place to the most enduring and attractive cultures on Earth.


We are proud of our victories.

We are proud of our history, and proud of what we are to become.

Our long track of triumphs leads the way to our future.

We admire the eternal beauty of craftsmanship and art and aim to convey such admiration.


We follow the shapes, the colours and lines that define seduction.

We provoke emotions through our exquisite and aspirational lifestyle experiences.

We create attractive and breathtaking products that make people turn around in awe.


We create iconic, elegant and breakthrough products that elevate everyday’s life standards and inspire each person to experience a sophisticated and exclusive way of living.


We deeply honour our heritage –a history full of innovations, victories and glories.

We admire the beauty and elegance of legendary art.

We live to eternalise the icon Colnago represents.



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Blockchain: the future of bike ownership

Colnago Blockchain

All our bikes are equipped with a unique NFC tag - linked to the MyLime® Polygon Blockchain - indissolubly associated with the bicycle. This solves many problems of bike ownership.


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