Ceramicspeed bottom bracket

Balls material: ceramic

Bottom bracket width: 82,5 mm

Bracket diameter: 45 mm

Bolt: 24mm (shimano) 24/22 (sram) 25mm (campagnolo) 30mm

Thread type: Colnago thread fit. 45x1


Available for the following cranksets: Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram and 30mm bolt
It replaces the original colnago threadfit 82.5 caps by integrating the cushions with ceramic balls.
Supplied with the mounting keys.

Colnago designed the thread inside the oversize bottom bracket for added durability.  Thanks to the 45mm diameter and 82.5mm length, this bracket can be used with the 30mm through-bolt. Thanks to the special CeramicSpeed balls used in each bearing, this bottom bracket ensures the highest quality and performance of the market.

The durability of the T45 bottom bracket is only 0.3 – 0.4 Watt, which means a 75% reduction compared to a standard bracket. The result is given by the combination of reinforced steel track and 100% smoother and 15% more resistant ceramic balls.