Base training (winter training)
2 October 2017 -
Base training (winter training)

When we want to build d a base of endurance and enhance aerobic fitness, we do emphasizes endurance rides.
Over time, training in this range will lead to the development of a stronger heart muscle, increase the work inside the cell, develop more capillarization in the muscles, and result in an overall increase in stamina. A typical training should be a ride for 3.5 hours.

Warming up for 15 minutes while keeping the watts under 65% (FTP). The ride around 70-75% of FTP for 3 hours, including some bursts of faster riding once every 15 minutes (8 seconds seated, taking rpm to 115-120 and watts around 100% of FTP).

The rest of the ride is at normal and self-selected cadence. Then cool down for 15 minutes.