Cx or Gravel? What’s the difference?
8 November 2019 - News
Cx or Gravel? What’s the difference?

Many people ask this question and we have too. After many years using CX bikes in or out of the competitive field, we have dedicated ourselves to develop a special model, the brand new G3-x. So what is the difference between CX and Gravel?  Basically it can be summarized in two features: geometry and tire clearance.
The Prestige our CX model, is the evolution of one of the most victorious cyclocross frame in history. It was designed to make you ride as fast as possible for one hour inside a technical off-road circuit, the G3-x does not have these limits. For this reason it has an optimized geometry for larger sized tires, with the steering angle and reach being designed for greater stability at high speeds. The first iteration of the Prestige CX did not have bottle cage mounts, on the G3-x it is possible to mount upto four, along with luggage if required for those longer rides. It is possible to use the Prestige also as a gravel bike or the G3-x as a cross bike, they are both different shades of the same concept. The G3-x is focused to offer you the best experience, spend all day racing or simply exploring new places.

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