Ercole Baldini, a champion visits the Colnago
22 March 2019 - Life
Ercole Baldini, a champion visits the Colnago

He had agreed with Ernesto Colnago, who had promised him a bike to put in his cycling museum, in Villanova di Forlì, his home. “I give you that one of Saronni, the first he used as a new professional with Scic,” Colnago told him by phone. Baldini won an Olympic gold medal in Melbourne in 1956, two world titles, one on the road (Reims 1958) and one on the track (Copenhagen 1956), a Giro in 1958 and two Italian titles on the road. Ercole was accompanied by Anselmo “Mino” Baldini, the oldest son, who carried dad early in the morning in the car. Today he is 86 and sees us little. “If I could only see something more, I’d be fine too,” he says, with his kind words. I am happy to be here Ernesto. It’s a pity that I can’t see you clearly, but how nice is to hear your embrace and your voice”.

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