Aru and Martin testing in the Silverstone wind tunnel
7 March 2019 - News
Aru and Martin testing in the Silverstone wind tunnel

The two UAE Team Emirates riders visited the Silverstone wind tunnel facilities, within the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub adjacent to the British motor racing circuit. The work focused on perfecting their movements on the Colnago K.One time trial bikes under the direction of the wind tunnel staff, the supervision of Iñigo San Millan (head coach of UAE Team Emirates) and the materials advice from Lars Teutenberg. They carefully tested the various configurations offered by the team’s technical materials suppliers. “It feels good working in a state-of-the-art facility, where the fastest cars in the world are also tested,” Aru said. “We examined a range of time trial positions, looking for those that guarantee the best combination of aerodynamics and comfort. The work was worth it, an excellent opportunity offered by the team.”

“It is very important to be able to add the wind tunnel test to the research work already carried out in winter on the track,” added Martin. “The wind tunnel offers a neutral environment, which allows technicians to collect useful data for the choice of materials. For a cyclist facing a race against the clock, it

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