Consonni put the first one!
1 August 2018 - Interview
Consonni put the first one!

Simone Consonni, is born in Ponte San Pietro (Bg) on September 12th 1994, as an amateur was among the most successful in that category (Italian champion on the road Under 23, several times Italian champion on the track), turn pro in 2017 with the UAE Team Emirates had not yet savored the pleasure of raising their arms to the sky. He did it in the first stage of the Tour of Slovenia, from Lendava to Murska Sobota, Wednesday June 13th. With a solid sprint behind Matteo Pelucchi and Niccolò Bonifazio.

Many years have passed since your debut in the cycling of the very young

“Yes, I realize that many years have passed and that I have realized a dream. But, as I always say, I think I was lucky: my path in cycling was linear. In the sense that in every category I was lucky enough to have people who at that moment were going very well, who have never forced me to cycling, who have never asked me a kind of a results. For me at least until the juniors it was all a play”.

After a pro season and a half, what can you tell us about your experience?

“I turned pro with the label of those who had to make a result, who among the amateurs won and was also an Italian champion. It was expected a lot, but when you pass the other side changes everything. The team is good at making me do some kind of racing, asking me to work when I have to work, but also to give me responsibility. I am rediscovering and it is clear that winning or coming close to the victory beaten by champions like Viviani gives you much pleasure and makes you grow. It depends on many things: for example, I prefer sprints a bit hard, I do not like the long straights all flat. And I think I’m more inclined to launch the sprints, or some types of sprints, than to do them in person ».

You won your first pro race, how do you feel?

«I’m happy, but knowing that in any case a goal among the pros was able to make it mine. Before going to the amateurs, I thought about it and it seemed like a distant goal … Winning, it is clear, purchases self-esteem and moral and everything goes better “.

Who did you dedicate the success to?

“Is very difficult, there would be a lot of people to thank, all those who have made the journey with you. I dedicated the first one to myself, to my family and to my girlfriend Alice.”

What feelings did you feel after crossing the finish line?

“Beautiful sensations! When a sprinter wins, a sprinter feels an incredible adrenaline immediately after crossing the finish line. It is indescribable! I’ve missed the victory so much since I passed among the pros and finding it again was great “.

Future projects?

“In a couple of months I’ll take home in Lallio, always near Bergamo, and I’ll go live with my girlfriend Alice. Another important step … ».