Denise Yeung, the Racing Mother
22 June 2016 - Interview
Denise Yeung, the Racing Mother

The mother of two children and a touring car-racer, Denise Yeung has an especially a boundless love for Colnago bicycles made in Italy. She has had passion for cycling since she was a little girl, and pedaled for entire afternoons with friends. Today the two wheels have become a “work tool,” in addition to entertainment. Yeung uses the bike to keep fit and to improve her performance while driving top racing cars with more than 500 horsepower. Yes, Denise is a champion race car driver, but she’s also a very successful real estate agent in Hong Kong. Thanks to our valued and appreciated Facebook page, on which he shared some images of Colnago bikes, we were able to reach her for an interview.

Where do you live, and what do you do?
“I’m living in Hong Kong. I’m an owner of Property Agency Limited, and I’m a mother of two sons. Since 2012, I’ve been racing in the touring car championship, and as a driver participating in the Macau Grand Prix. I am the 2015 HKAA Finals Champion.”

 Where does your passion for cycling come from?
“I’ve liked cycling since I was young, and I remain passionate about the pursuit to this day!”

 Why do you like cycling?
“Cycling is very good exercise that makes me healthy and keeps my body fit.”

 How do you cope with fatigue? Does it frighten you, or can you use it to your advantage?
“Sometimes fatigue is a large part of a professional touring-car driver and a businesswoman’s life, but cycling with friends is very joyful and relaxing. That’s why I really like cycling, it helps me rejuvenate my body and soul.”

 Do train yourself to improve performance, or you do train for fun?
“There are two reasons for cycling: the first is to improve my performance, the other reason is to train my body and fitness. I enjoy cycling with my friends; it’s really a good way to relax.”

Do you think that cycling is a sport suited to women?
What are the benefits for the body and the mind? 

“Cycling is very suitable for woman – for body and mind.”

How do you know the Colnago brand?
I have a lot of friends through racing cars that are riding Colnago road bikes. Fernando Alonso rides the Colnago for Ferrari CF8. Very impressive.”

What do you like about Colnago bikes?
“The colorful painting and the craftsmanship of the bikes. Limited Edition bikes are also very attractive to me. To conclude, cycling and auto racing are the best sports for the sense of speed and excitement – both of which are suited for me.”