The Master of Triathlon
14 February 2016 - Interview
The Master of Triathlon

I am Francisco Miranda, 57 years old,
IRONMAN Triathlete.

I have competed in 15 IRONMAN races; my first one was Hawaii 1991, and the last one Lake Placid 2015 – where I was on the podium in 5th place. My next race is the European IRONMAN Championship 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany.

IRONMAN is my passion and motivation to keep training and improve my performance every year. Despite the fact that I am 25 years older than when I completed my first IRONMAN, I keep improving my times and personal records.
This is a family passion. Last year, three of my sons (Francisco, Claudia, and Anita) competed in the Ironman Panama City Florida – completing among them more than 20 IRONMAN races combined.

My last race was January 10th, 2016, IRONMAN 70.3 Pucón Chile, which is called in the IRONMAN races as “the most beautiful race in the world,”not only because of the beautiful lakes, volcanoes, and landscapes, but also because this race is a test for your body and mind. The topography, wind, and weather conditions make it a very challenging race. This year I performed great. I was 1st place (M55-59), and the main reason was the solid performance I had on my Colnago K.Zero. I averaged 36 K/hr., 245 watts, and I was by far the best cycling time in my age group (top 5% of the overall classification) – beating professional males and females, and a lot of younger people. This was a great revenge from last year’s same race, were I had a very serious crash on the bike and wasn’t able to finish it. Not only did I sustain injuries, but my bike was also broken. After the race I needed a new bike, and for years the dream of my life was to have a Colnago TT – not only because of the top technology and performance of the Colnago bikes, but also for the tradition and spirit behind this great cycling brand which is something that inspires me on every ride. After the crash my children got me this beautiful piece of engineering and art: The Colnago K.Zero. This bike has helped me to improve my performance, it is a very comfortable bike that adapts amazingly to different kinds of races, conditions, and topography, and it is great to ride into the wind, in cross winds, climbing, downhill, etc.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Colnago K-Zero to triathletes and time trailists, both for short and long distance racing.  It is a bike that you will feel how the power is transmitted efficiently in every pedal stroke. I feel my K.Zero is an extension of my legs and body.

My usual workouts per week are more or less: