Justine Mattera: sport is my life, I’m crazy about Triathlon
29 April 2019 - Interview
Justine Mattera: sport is my life, I’m crazy about Triathlon

Cycling, Triathlon, a show in all its forms, it is difficult to follow Justine Mattera in all her passions. And then the family: husband, children, dogs, days marked by daily commitments and journeys to record the episode of a fiction or a TV program. One day in Rome, the other in Naples and then Milan, where she lives and trains. Justine Mattera is an incredible person, because she is always full of energy, never tired and possesses that contagious enthusiasm. Her favorite sport is Triathlon and it could not be otherwise for a girl who lives it is life so fast!

Why did you choose triathlon?

“I practiced competitive swimming throughout my childhood, I have two children and a husband who do cycling competitions, I run a program on Bike Channel and another on Mediaset (Over the limit) and I ran a half marathon. The triathlon, therefore, seemed to me a logical evolution and I think it is perfect also for my character. Then I also saw it as a great opportunity: how many showgirls do triathlons? “.

How do you live your life as a mother and artist with sport?

“It takes a detailed and precise organization. I train in the spaces between work and children. Often early in the morning (while they still sleep) or late in the evening (what an effort!). My children train 3 times a week with their cycling team (Biringhello). I often take advantage of these moments and train with them, why throw away so much precious time?”.

What do you prefer of the three disciplines? Swimming, cycling or running?

“I like all three. Swimming is easier for me, the race makes me suffer more, but being light I can do quite well. Finally the bike: it is the sport of the three that I have been practicing for less time, but the one in which I have more margin for improvement and this fact is quite stimulating ”.

How many times do you train during the week?

“Six times. At least twice for each sport “.

Tell us about your typical day.

“Wake up at 6, preparing breakfast, kids at school, one at 7.55, the other at 8.25. Run: at Campo XXV Aprile (uphills or track) or Parco delle Cave at Parco di Trenno for a long workout. Then, “Trucco and Parrucco” for a photo shoot, interview on TV, I take the children to school, I take them to Rho to the cycling track and ride for two hours with them. Then we go home, prepare dinner and collapse, if I don’t have an evening event. Just writing these things I feel tired … “.

Your competitive goals.

“I will do the Sprint at the Challenge Riccione on May 4th. I’d like to make my personal record. I did 1h24 ’at the Challenge Rome last year”.

Do you follow a trainer advice or do you do it yourself?

“For the swimming part I am followed by Ivan Risti (DDS), for the run Manlio Fanelli (Running Skull) and for cycling Simone Diamantini (DDS).

Would you like to extend the distances one day?

“Let’s take small steps. To lengthen I would need more time and with little children is so difficult. I could certainly try a triathlon on Olympic distance ”.

Is the ironman your dream?

“Not for now. I’m more sprinters than anything else. I love the races that end in less than two hours at all “.

Last question: what’s the fatigue for to you (as a versatile artist, not a pro athlete). Why do you like It?

“I’ve always struggled both in work and in sport. Fatigue means great satisfaction. Then, being used to it, it makes me very enthusiast. And, when you reach the finish line of a race It’s the moment when you realize you could do anything. And as a result, nothing frightens you anymore “.