The wake up, the breakfast. This is Merckx’s Hour day
22 February 2018 - Life
The wake up, the breakfast. This is Merckx’s Hour day

Only a few days to October 25, when, in 1972, Eddy Merckx made the Hour record in Mexico city, just 45 years ago.

In summary, some moments of that historic day. Merckx wakes up at 5.15 am. Dr. Angelo Cavalli write on the clinical paper: 48 bpm, weight 75 kg, blood pressure 50-125. Sounds good-humored.

At 6.45 am he is already at the velodrome pedaling behind the bike for about 45 minutes. The weather is pretty good, but forecasts say that there will be sun. Eat like any student going to school: butter and jam over the bread, cooked ham, long-stretched coffee.

Doctor Cavalli stresses the importance of this breakfast. About the clothing he will use the body suit and under a vest. Then he asks to his ds: “Do I were the vest?” Giorgio Albani replies: “Put a lighter one, but put it on.”

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