Tadej Pogacar says: “The Tour de France excites me, but first there is the UAE Tour”
21 January 2020 - Interview
Tadej Pogacar says: “The Tour de France excites me, but first there is the UAE Tour”

“I am young and I have a great desire to improve, I work hard every day to be one of the best”. If Roglic was the first Slovenian to win a great Giro (the Vuelta 2019), he represents the most likely name to become the second in relatively little time. To face the new 2020 season he has changed several things, including his residency in Montecarlo and training, but he has kept intact the determination that has characterized him so far.

How is the winter preparation going? What has changed in your training after the first season as a professional cyclist?
“This year winter preparation has been really well for me. Not many days with bad weather, good company and now altitude training in Sierra Nevada. I changed a lot in trainings, but it is like that when you come to professional team. I do more hours on bike, and I do different intervals then in previous team. But as long as it is hard training and proper rest days it is perfect for me”.

You changed your residence, today you live and train in Monaco. Do you like It?
“Yes, now I spend lot of time there, getting to used to it, it’s quite different, lifestyle and way of training. But in the end I like it there, lot of good and quality training with a lot of climbing and the weather is much better then in Slovenia at the moment.”

This year you will participate in the Tour de France for the first time. How excited are you?
“I am excited, but first thing I need to focus now on first part, the begging with UAE tour and then I can think more about TDF. It is my dream, the greatest race of all time so I think it will be an awesome experience”.

Insiders predict you a future as a champion. Does this scare you?
“I don’t really think about long future, what will happen, where I will be as a rider. For sure I want to be one of the best riders but I still have a lot of work and learning to do before I get to be called champion”.

Among the emerging young people in the world of cycling, who seems to be the strongest and why?
“The best right now is Bernal I would say, in the end he is TDF winner and that is just the hardest race in the world to win.

What races would you like to win in the future?”
“Grand tour for sure I would like to win but also some important classics, but yeah to get to that point is still a lot to do. I mean, who doesn’t want to be world champion?”.