C60 endurance geometry “H”, the King of the comfort
25 June 2016 - Road
C60 endurance geometry “H”, the King of the comfort

Whatever you want to call it, this type of bike (born for endurance) is a relative newcomer designed to cater to the huge number of riders discovering road cycling for the first time who perhaps have only a slight interest in racing.

These are serious bikes that can be used in a race, but they are also designed to be “lived with” by a wider audience. Following this trend, we decided to create a top of the range version of C60 with these characteristics. The C60 endurance geometry is called “H”.

This geometry provides a slightly higher head tube compared to standard C60 geometry. It is designed for endurance, and to be easy on your back and neck. It is the ideal solution to get the right riding position, by eliminating unnecessary spacers under the stem. The “High” geometry is available in five sizes: 48h, 50h, 52h, 54h and 56h .

This means that C60 is available in nineteen different sizes divided into: sloping, traditional and high. C60, the frame that cannot be compared with any other.