Colnago Concept, not just a bike. This is art.
25 June 2017 - Road
Colnago Concept, not just a bike. This is art.

It was a wonderful day, exciting, hot. The launch of the new Colnago Concept took place in Germany, Tettnang, a few kilometers from Friedrichshafen, the place of Eurobike, the largest bike show in the world. On 30th of August 2016.

Journalists from all over the world, selected among the most influential newspapers and representative of our industry have been privileged to see and ride for the first time the new Colnago Concept. The presentation was held in the halls of an ancient villa, guest Ernesto Colnago, perfect setting for a classy bike, technology and tradition fuse together in an unforgettable mix.
At the end of explanation and discussion followed the ride, the road test. A distance of approximately 60 km full of ups and downs, twists and flats perfect for cycling, completely immersed in the greenest areas surrounding Tettnang, a real heaven for cyclists. Excited about the first comments. Benedict Campbell Rouleur magazine said: “It ‘a bike aero incredibly drivable. Is fantastic!”.

Matt Phillips of Bicycling, however, was impressive from the comfort: “I think this is a bike suitable for long mileages. I recognize the Colnago’s geometry”. Antonio Del Pino, director of the Spanish magazine Triathlon: “It could be the perfect bike for those triathletes who do not want to own two bikes, a classic road and time trial. With some components can be adapted to long distances. The comfort and the drivability are evident”.

Photo: Benedict Campbell