Colnago V2-R, the dream come true
22 November 2017 - Road
Colnago V2-R, the dream come true

The V2-r is the evolution of the V1-r. It replaces it by improving on the design, yet it retains the same high-quality material and construction methods Colnago is known for. With this new creation, we have been able to maintain a classic frame design that also offers ultra-modern features – all while not disturbing the frame’s clean aesthetic.

That said, the re-designed seat collar is integrated into the toptube – adding aerodynamic benefits as well. The V2-r’s direct-mount brake system also allows clearance for tires up to 28mm, and the seatstay mounted rear brake offers ease of maintenance and compatibility with all power-meters. The new frame is also stiffer at the bottom bracket and steerer tube – giving this jewel of technique and style an exceptional brilliance.

The new V2-r brings with it the very innovative spirit that at the core of all Colnago bicycles, coupled with the unrivaled taste of those who’ve successfully built bicycles for over 63 years!

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