The right size for me
24 October 2018 - Road
The right size for me

When you buy a new bike, the big doubt is always….

How do you decide on the frame size? That is, what is the right size for me?

Let’s see which parameters are useful to make a correct choice.

A very first evaluation to determine the size of the frame should be made by measuring the height of the cyclist, taking into account intervals of 5-6 cm; for greater precision we then analyse some morphological characteristics of the person, such as the length of the torso, legs and arms.

The choice of size is then partly conditioned by the posture normally held in the saddle. A slightly larger frame size means in fact a higher head tube and less “off-saddle”, i.e., a more comfortable and stable position.

On the contrary, a slightly smaller frame is suitable for those who seek greater reactivity and prefer keeping a more aggressive position.

To be clearer, let’s say, for example, that, in principle, the correct size for a cyclist who is 180 cm tall could vary between a 52s and a 54s, depending on need.

Similarly, the measurement of the crotch, i.e. the distance of the perineum from the ground, can determine small variations in size, but even in this case much depends on pedalling style.

However, it should not be overlooked that the saddle height parameter, i.e. the distance from the centre of movement to the sitting surface, is also important for effective and comfortable pedalling, as it affects the position of the head and arms. A saddle which is too high, combined with a short head tube, causes discomfort, with the risk of incurring cervical pain: consequently, a larger size frame should be preferred.

Conversely, a frame which is too large could give a feeling of less control of the front wheel when riding.

A “trendy” compromise today is to adopt a slightly smaller frame, to maintain maximum responsiveness, prolonging the stem to find the right length.

For another type of cyclist, however, the main factor in choosing the frame is comfort, so at the top of the C64 range we also offer the so-called H (High) geometry, with a higher head tube to accommodate a larger number of cyclists in the saddle.

In our range of bicycles, the 8 available sizes – from 42 to 58 – offer every type of cyclist the certainty of finding the ideal size for their physical structure and technical characteristics. With the C64 the sizes become 9, reaching 60, plus another 5 with H geometry. And if in special cases it were necessary, we are also able to provide a perfectly customized frame. The C64, in fact, thanks to the carbon tubes with connections, entirely handmade in Italy, gives us this additional advantage.

To sum up: the performance of a bicycle must be considered as a whole, without forgetting that even comfort can affect it in a sensitive way. The more comfortable you are on a bicycle, the more kilometres you travel. The more you train, the more you improve. This aspect should not be forgotten and should be considered when choosing the size of a new frame.