Which frame to choose?
24 October 2018 - Road
Which frame to choose?

How many kilometres do you cover in a year? More uphill or more flat? Competitions and long-distance or riding out with friends? The criteria for choosing the ideal frame for your characteristics should also include a consideration of the type of use that will be made of the bicycle.

However, it is necessary to be clear in this regard by saying that the differences are actually very slight, and all our road frames can be considered in every respect multi-purpose, able to ensure a “feeling” fully satisfactory to a wide range of cyclists.

In other words, this is an area in which an important role is played by personal preferences, but not only: age and physical preparation are other decisive factors for the final choice. For example, a well-trained young person is able to bend more and better absorb vibrations, and can safely use a more rigid and technical frame, obtaining maximum performance.

The C64 is our high-end product, completely Made in Italy. A one-of-a-kind frame, with carbon tubes and connectors that make it very rigid and suitable for all types of use, aimed at top-level technical users: just think that the frames for sale to the public are exactly the same as those used by professionals.

The V2r is a monocoque frame, a little less rigid and lighter than the C64. Its particular feature is its extraordinary lightness-rigidity ratio, which makes it perfect for any terrain and all types of cyclists. Recommended in particular for the long-distance cyclist or the discerning amateur who covers many kilometres a year and wants a frame which is not too “challenging” from the physical point of view. Mounted with the right components, it enables you to have a bike weighing under 6.5 kg.

Concept is a monocoque frame with particular aerodynamic characteristics studied in the wind tunnel, dedicated to the cyclist who mainly rides over flat terrain and keeps up high averages, even though, in point of fact, it does not behave too badly on hill climbs either.

Finally, CLX and CRS are two extremely functional and reliable monocoque frames in our road range, with an optimal balance as regards rigidity, lightness and comfort, with which in any case high-level performance levels can also be achieved, which makes them ideal for the competitive sector as well, for use by teams of amateurs and juniors and even by some professionals.