A long term view…
22 April 2018 - Story
A long term view…

Ernesto Colnago has always viewed the future in the long term. During the Cold War, he was looking at what was happening behind the Iron Curtain. Colnago, a great explorer of cycling technology, is also a careful and acclaimed businessman, carefully examining all the business possibilities available. Some markets that has always interested him has been the unexplored and uncontaminated markets of the Soviet Union and the DDR. It was a collaboration that brought many successes and a major boost to the image of the best-known bicycle builder in the world. “At the Moscow Olympics in 1980, we won the TTT gold with the USSR – recalls Colnago. For that race, we built a very special bicycle, with a 26″ front wheel, a lower fork and aero bars in the shape of a bull’s horn. I remember that thanks to that success, our bicycles became famous all over the world. We also won the gold at Seoul Olympics in the TTT and the individual race with the DDR. It was an important progression from both a technological and commercial point of view”.

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