… And then the links came
9 January 2018 - Story
… And then the links came

The “Made in Italy” by Ferrari means victories, technology, research, innovation, reliability and painstaking attention to details, which were all considered pivotal features by Ernesto Colnago, who was focusing on carbon for the pursuit of the dream bicycle. Thanks to the collaboration with the Ferrari technicians, the idea came about. Materials and technologies used in the Formula 1, sophisticated structural analysis and 3D projects: this is how “Concept” was designed – such an outstanding, cutting-edge, revolutionary bicycle that never saw the light of day.

Highly resistant frame, stabilized carbon fiber tubes made by the innovative “wrapping” technology, utmost fiber compaction in autoclave, and above all the use of links on carbon tubes for the first time ever.

The idea was the result of a long standing experience in welding and in the use of links, the trademark of the top-of-the-range Colnago bicycles since 1969, when the micro-fusion steel links, much more resistant than the ones existing at the time, were launched.

The experience of the Concept led to the production of the C35 in 1989, a Colnago-Ferrari bike which is still today considered one of the greatest crown jewels of the Cambiago company.