Argentin, the Carbitubo and the Fleche Wallone
27 March 2018 - Story
Argentin, the Carbitubo and the Fleche Wallone

“I raced only one season on Colnago, remembered the Veneto champion. For a pro rider like me, It would not have been right to finish my career without having raced on a Colnago, a bicycle that has written many memorable pages in cycling and even I managed to contribute to this. Remember that I was one of the first to have ridden the famous Carbitubo with a straight fork. It made people talk a lot and I liked the bicycle a lot. What I do remmebr about Ernesto? He was like a rushing river: ideas, only ideas. I was very demanding, precise and scrupulous. He was totally behind me. Technically he is a real master and was really great to work with”.

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