Colnago, Mapei and Roubaix
28 February 2018 - Story
Colnago, Mapei and Roubaix

“Let’s win together” was the motto of the men with the diced t-shirt that have made the history on their Colnago bicycles on the roads of the Roubaix.

No other race can establish such a strong link between the athlete and his mechanic. An invisible and powerful thread between cycler and manufacturer, like Ballerini, the first Italian cycler to give Mapei and Colnago the joy of victory on the pavé, then repeated in 1998, followed by Museeuw (1996 and 2000) and Andrea Tafi in 1999.

Five victories and five bikes (all displayed in the Colnago museum) have made the history. Those were the years of the dual-shock absorber bikes and even the owner, Mr. Squinzi, had some doubts about the first very special carbon bikes: “Ernesto, are you sure the lads won’t have problems with the C40?”. Colnago answered back: “Giorgio, look, I’m Colnago, no one more than I wants to make a good impression. With the C40, the lads can go anywhere they want”.