Did you know that…
11 December 2018 - Story
Did you know that…

Colnago Concept, the game changer. The marriage between creativity and cutting end technology is something that has always been important for Ernesto Colnago. In 1986, the cooperation with Ernesto Colnago, Enzo Ferrari and the managers of Ferrari engineering created an exceptional bicycle, the Concept. “The idea was born from the material and technology of F1. The job we wanted It to do – remembers Colnago -, was to eliminate the shift mechanism with derailleur, so the chain would be perfectly positioned on any of the seven cogs. To improve the performance of the braking system, we decided to us a hydraulic system. It was beautiful, a futuristic, perfect bike, but It had a one big problem: It was too heavy, but in my modest opinion It was the most revolutionary bicycle ever produced”.        

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