In our own way
21 March 2018 - Story
In our own way

The straight fork, called “Precisa” (Precise), was designed by Ernesto Colnago following a discussion with Enzo Ferrari about the cold bending of steel forks.

Manufactured in 1988 after a long series of studies in collaboration with the technicians of the Maranello Company, it revolutionized the traditional concept of the curved shape, as it was deemed to be more efficient in absorbing the strains. Ferrari himself had the idea; he showed Colnago that by punching the stretched hand on the table, the noise was “softer” than the “sharp” one produced by a slightly bent hand: a simple practical demonstration of how the longitudinal stiffness of a straight fork would have been greater.

The experience also proved that the straight blades ensure the absorption of shocks and vibrations of the terrain along their entire length, thus delivering better bicycle overall drivability.

Initially criticized by the competitors, the straight fork was then used by most of the manufacturers.