Metal Sculpture dedicated to Ernesto Colnago
2 October 2016 - Story
Metal Sculpture dedicated to Ernesto Colnago

A hemispherical shape representing the world, with a carved image of Italy, displays the words “Made in Italy” – which represents the Colnago brand’s beauty, art, and quality. The sign of Milan, the city where Ernesto began working when he was a young boy, is also displayed. On both sides of the hemisphere you can see a hive of bees, working tirelessly and with great talent to build their houses – making nature vital and luxuriant. Below, on the left, there is the small workshop where Ernesto started his own business.

On the right there is the current headquarters – opened in Cambiago in 1996. Counterclockwise you can see all the Colnago logos created over the years. In the middle there is a portrait of Ernesto Colnago – Knight of Labor.

Back side

The distinctive Ace of clubs logo and Ernesto’s signature. A circular inscription emphasizes tradition, relevance, and the continuity of the Colnago brand.