That night in Tokyo…
3 April 2018 - Story
That night in Tokyo…

During his sleepless air travels all across the planet, Ernesto Colnago has always had plenty of time to think about continuous innovations to be made to his frames.

His ideas, notes, and drawings have often seen the light of day and have been actually applied, becoming the iconic elements of the brand.

That was the case for the star-shaped tube, used for the first time on the steel Master frame in 1983 and then applied to the carbon frames of the C40 some years later.

The original design, with the “crazy” idea of making this specific section in carbon to increase the tube side stiffness, dates back to 1993.

It was night and Colnago was in a hotel room in Tokyo, when he drew the sketches in pencil to change lines and angles, adapting the star-shaped section to a material as diverse as carbon.

The intuition, after a year spent to carry out studies and researches in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, led to the creation of carbon tubes as hard as steel.

Since 2014, with the frame C60, even the links have been manufactured with the “star” section in order to perfectly fit the tube and ensure higher resistance to flexion-torsion compared to the round sections.

In addition, the tube section varies according to the stress withstood by the different parts of the frame; the oblique tube, for instance, has a slight conic shape, with an increased section on the back and laterally in order to withstand the alternating force of the pedaling.

Innovation never stops in Colnago.