The “precisa” fork, Colnago makes history
27 June 2016 - Story
The “precisa” fork, Colnago makes history

The introduction of the straight-blade fork is an important moment in the history of Colnago’s bike production. It was a turning point that led the entire cycling industry into a new era.

Strokes of genius are unpredictable, and the history of the Precisa fork is similar. In 1988, the forks fitted to the bikes Ernesto Colnago has designed have curved blades. This is the tradition at the time, and it’s an established fact that no one manufacturer had ever thought to change. They’re good, they look perfect, they are light, and they do not have significant defects. Yet, the intuition comes from a discussion with the “Drake”, Enzo Ferrari, another pioneer of the twentieth century. From concept, through tests and trials, until finalization, it’s a short step. The discovery is revolutionary. A fork with straight blades can guarantee exceptional results, far superior to forks with curved blades. The results of the tests conducted by the engineers at Ferrari speak for themselves. Vibration absorption is maximized (also benefitting the integrity of the headset), the danger of resonance by vibrations transmitted from uneven surfaces is controlled, and better comfort and handling precision is achieved. Simply put, a frame with a straight fork is much easier to control, and is more safe and stable – a success! From that moment on, the Precisa fork, renamed by Ernesto Colnago, supplanted the classic style and the entire cycling industry adapted the new design.

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