Differences in power for win and chase the winner
3 July 2018 - Team
Differences in power for win and chase the winner

A race which gave to Team UAE the second seasonal victory (Gp Costa degli Etruschi, which took place on Sunday 5th February); three riders who covered the final part of the course with different attitudes and aiming to different goals (Ulissi, Petilli and Mori); two trainers (Notari and Marangoni) who analyzed the date collected by the means of the powermeters of the cyclists (Power2max): for you all, a real and interesting example demonstrating the different energy consumption and power linked to the different situations in the race.


When Diego Ulissi, captain of the Team UAE, chose to launch his attack on the ramp of Torre Segalari, there were still 11,700 km to the arrival. In the head group, together with Ulissi, there were also Petilli and Mori. Ulissi exploited all his energies in the attempt of making successful his solo attack. Petilli pedaled in the first chasing group with other 15 riders and he played a key role in favour of his captain, pedaling just behind the front positions and trying to turn down the counter-attack attempts. Meanwhile Mori, who had already given his important contribution leading Ulissi to the head of the peloton in the approach of the climb, was in the second chasing group and he was not pushing any more.


The graphic arts display the comparison of the values of the performances and of the metabolic values of the three athletes who covered the final kilometers of the race each one with a different goal. Ulissi was going to win the race, giving to Team UAE the second seasonal victory; Petilli obtained the 10th place at actual 17” to his captain; Mori completed the race with an actual gap of 59”. The performances and metabolic parameters which were examined are the average speed (km/h), the average power (W), the relative power (W/kg) and the energy consumption (Kcal) for realizing the performances.


Drafting grants an important save of energies, as these data display:


Time to cover 11,700 km


Average power


Energy consumption


Average speed


Relative power


This kind of analysis thanks to the two trainers of the Team, Samuel Marangoni and Giacomo Notari.