UAE Emirates at work in Spain
18 December 2018 - Team
UAE Emirates at work in Spain

Tarragona (Spain) – Work has begun on the UAE Team Emirates, which will help prepare the riders for the next competitive season. The athletes will be on training until next December 21st. The team has been expanded to 29 runners and is based on a mix of experience guys and youth with some important grafts, such as the Colombian Gaviria, yellow jersey at the Tour and “ciclamino” at the Giro, an international star. Base of the training camp is the Gran Palas Hotel in La Pineda, near Tarragona (Spain). The athletes will perform physical and technical tests to better manage the various steps of preparation and the whole material, from traditional bikes to those for testing against the clock. Important news regards the technical staff with new sports directors and, above all, a new team of athletic trainers from South African who proposed new working methods to runners based on a higher quality of work (the average pace above all) and complete recoveries before intense sessions. The riders were divided into three groups according to the race programs. The first runners will do it Down Under, in Australia, others will debut in Argentina (Vuelta San Juan), the latecomers will start the new season at the Tour of Colombia scheduled in the first days of February.

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