Check the performance
28 April 2018 - Training
Check the performance

Common sense should be the best ally of the sportsman.

Yet it is not. Often, the enthusiastic sportsman is a victim of over-estimation, at the opposite his worst enemy. The overestimation of the value is the worst way to benefit from your favorite sport. It can bring results in the short term, but in the long run can lead to overtraining and to abandon the activity.

The cyclist, precisely because of the volume of work in which it is subjected, is one of the sports at greater risk subjects. Even triathletes chopped into this category. Monitor their performance with the appropriate tools (power meters, heart rate monitors, etc.) is the key to getting the most from your talent and prevent “burn out”.

The maxim that “it is better to be 10% under-trained that 5% over-trained” is still valid and should become a rule for sports endurance amateurs. Always keep alive the enthusiasm is also the best way to not get injured! Train smart not hard!