Improve your endurance level!
16 April 2017 - Training
Improve your endurance level!

Today we describe a sample workout that correspond the “endurance goal”.

What we need? A power meter and clear ideas! Our hypothetical athlete has an Ftp (Functional threshold power) of 290 watts. When this athletes wants to build a base of endurance and enhance his aerobic fitness, he emphasizes Endurance rides. Goal: complete some granfondos in the end of the season.

A typical workout could be this one: 2.5 hour ride, starting with a warm up of 15 minutes with output in watts less than 160 (less than his 55% of Ftp, or active reco pace). Then ride at a level of 200-220 watts (70-75 of Ftp) for 2 hours. Then cool down for 15 minutes at active reco pace. Train smart not hard, and follow the numbers!

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