Training with the pros
24 March 2017 - Training
Training with the pros

When it’s time to “rest” (or training slow), the professionals do it better than the amateurs.

It may seem odd, but there it is. We went out in the company of Team Abu Dhabi in the pre-race training camp of Terracina, in the province of Latina (Rome, Italy).

Three hours with a climb of about 6 km, the rest on flat with a little wind in the coastal, total drop 553 meters (Garmin date). Our bike is equipped with power meter, so the training period has been possible to verify the training load in terms of numbers. The average power was 169 watts of average that, when compared to the weight (66 kg), corresponding to 2.5 w / kg.

Still, if the data output is compared with the FTP (the power threshold, 290 watts) we notice that the total intensity of training was carried out at 60%. The perfect “slow” and long training, at a uniform rate and at 85 rpm, very agile considering the uphill section. The climb (6 km) has been cycled to 220 watt average, so slow paced, close to the first medio, at 80 rpm. In summary: it can sometimes happen that ride with professional cyclists could much easier and more profitable than with amateurs who almost never fail to respect their limits.

And, above all, with any differences in training stimulations. Other data: 723 watt maximum power, intensity (IF) 0.596, Training Stress Score (TSS) 107.6, average speed 31.4 km / h, total 95.5 kilometers. IF and TSS indicate that the training load is moderate and easily recoverable in about 24 hours.