The power to weight ratio
30 July 2017 - Training
The power to weight ratio

Since weight influences how many watts you can produce, It is important to find our power to weight ratio.

How many watts per kilogram can you produce? A rider who weighs 200 pounds and produce 350 watts up a hill, for example, will be able to ride side by side with another rider who weighs 125 pounds but is producing only 218 watts. Why? Because for each of these riders, the power to weight ratio is the same, at 3,85 watts per kilogram.

The power to weight ratio is very important is very important in cycling. The higher your PTWR, the stronger you are as a cyclist. That is why in cycling, It can be said that one of the main goals is to be as light as possible in weight, but to produce the highest possible watts. The trick is figuring out at what weight you produce the most watts…

Have a nice training out there!