Winter, clear goals: time to sweat again
30 October 2018 - Training
Winter, clear goals: time to sweat again

There are two basic types of workouts for the winter time. One is strength based. The other is endurance or cardiovascular based. The main purpose of strength workout is to build muscle mass and functional strength. The main benefit of doing an endurance or cardiovascular workout is to work your heart. If done correctly over time, these types of workouts together will change your body composition, increasing the flexibility of your muscles, joints, and even your rib cage, which will enable you to breathe easier. The cardiovascular workout will also help regulate the chemistry inside your body in a way that stabilizes blood sugar levels and promotes fat burning, which is a definite plus for most people. Cardiovascular workouts require you to raise your heart rate then hold It elevated during bulk of the workout. Ironically, you probably won’t have to go as hard as you thought you would get the maximum results from your training.

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