A good cycling leg in Triathlon? How to do by Rudy Von Berg
13 November 2018 - Triathlon
A good cycling leg in Triathlon? How to do by Rudy Von Berg

Ride hard to run better. Impossible? No, but it takes experience, years of training, the right method and even the best bike. By the way, according to the american champion, the time trial bike is the best on almost all routes.

How much time do you dedicate to training the cycling?

It obviously depends of the time of the year and in which build up I am so it will vary between 200km in easy weeks up to 500km in bigger base weeks. Typically it will be closer to 300-350km.

Why is so important to ride strong in Triathlon?

The bike ride takes the most time in triathlon and it’s where you can set yourself up for a win, or lose the race by losing too much time. The bike ride is the foundation of your race.

How many times in training do you use the time trial bike and the traditional one?

I’ll use the TT bike (K-one) for the long rides (120km) and the interval rides. All the other rides will be on the C64 (40-60-80km base rides).

How long does it take to get a good position on the time trial bike?

It’s important to work on it with a bike fitter and get a very aerodynamic position that is as comfortable as possible while obviously being able to push some good power. However you will feel pretty quickly if a position feels good and fast.

In the race you often use the time trial bike. Do you think it’s always an advantage?

In 99% of race courses the TT bike is the fastest bike to use. I find my TT bike to descend very quickly too. So it’s only in races where there is really only climbing that a road bike would be faster.

In 70.3 Nice you did the best split on the bike (next year will be the WC venue). What is the secret to going strong on that course?

You need to be very strong on the second part of the course after the main climb. You’d think that the climb is the most important part, but it is actually more important to finish the last 45km on the downhill and the flats very fast. In other words, don’t kill yourself on the climb.

Volume, quality, indoor, how do you split your training on the bike?

I do a lot of base miles at 185-250W. I only get high intensity closer to races, in the last 5 weeks before a race. During the base periods, I’ll have some easier intervals at 300W. I only ride indoor when I really have to. I am the type of guy that will always ride outside, even if it is colder than 0 degrees and there’s snow on the side of the road.

Last question. Run strong after a hard cycling fraction. How can it be done?

That’s all about the years of training, the consistency in training throughout the years. You also need a good strength regimen in the gym to have a strong body that will be able to perform after a hard 90km ride. And obviously, the stronger you are on the bike, the least tired you will be for the run which is of paramount importance. But the main thing to run better, is to have as few as possible spikes in your power output during the bike. If you ride your own rhythm, you will run better.