UAE Team Emirates

2020 was a fantastic year for UAE Team Emirates, with the spectacular Tour de France victory achieved by slovenian talent Tadej Pogačar.

The team’s mission is to promote the interest in high-level cycling in the United Arab Emirates and promote a healthy lifestyle and continue to bring home successes also in 2021, consolidating its place among the best teams of the World Tour.

Gazprom RusVelo

Russian team that has a deep bond with our country. Based in Lonato sul Garda with various elements between staff and runners of Italian origin: Marco Canola, the Cima brothers (Damiano and Imerio), Christian Scaroni and Simone Velasco, the sporting director Paolo Rosola. The reference runner is Ilnur Zakarin, a very welcome return.

Team Novo Nordisk

Meet the professional cyclists who train and compete at the top of their field while managing their type 1 diabetes. Every member is an inspiration to many around the world showing that being strong and healthy is possible while living with diabetes, and we couldn’t be prouder to have them on the TNN Pro Team.