Wend accessories


Available colors: White

10 OZ (280g)
Made in California

- Cleaner and quiter drive train
- No chain splatter/mess resulting in a cleaner bike

- Apply WEND WAX-OFF to a rag
- Run chain through rag until clean

1. Apply a small amount of WEND WAX-OFF to a rag
2. Run the chain thorugh the rag until chain is clean
3. Lightly rub WEND WAX-ON onto the outward facing chain rollers
4. Lightly rub WEND WAX-ON onto inward facing chain rollers
5. Work WEND WAX-ON deep into the chain using your fingers for best results. Penetration into the rollers is key during this step!
6. PRO TIP: dirp a small amount of WAX-OFF directly onto the chain after completing step 5, and work the liquid into the freshly waxed chain with fingers. Let chain dry prior to riding.


WEND WAX-ON is the first ever “rub‐on”, wax based, chain lubricant. Wax‐On not only keeps your chain clean, its friction reducing additives make for an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train. Wax‐On is quiet, quick, and clean.
Wax‐On is a sophisticated paraffin based formula that includes proprietary friction reducers as well as proven lubricants such as Zinc and Teflon. The application is a cinch as the user simply rubs the
wax onto the chains rollers, resulting in a race ready chain in seconds. Overall user satisfaction is high due to the ease of use, product cleanliness, and lubrication performance.