Accessoires Wend


4 OZ (120ML)
Made in California

1. Apply a small amount of WEND WAX-OFF to a rag or shop towel
2. Run chain through rag or shop towel for several revolutions until chain is clean
3. Apply WEND WAX-ON for ultimate lubrication

La description:

WEND WAX‐OFF is much more than just a chain cleaner. Wax‐Off is a penetrating liquid wax additive that cleans. The cleaner quickly cuts through wax, oil, and dirt leaving your chain sparkling, while the wax penetrates and lubes. WEND Wax‐Off is the perfect way to clean your chain prior to using Wax‐On and aids in extending the life of your drive-train. We are confident once you make the change to WEND you will never look back.