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A bike designed specifically for World Tour

Developed together with the top time trialists from team UAE Emirates.



Disc brakes and improved aerodynamics

The TT1 is the first Colnago time trial bicycle with a disc braking system. The choice guarantees the best routing of the hydraulic hoses inside the frame with better braking performance and greater rigidity of the entire bicycle thanks to the use of thru-axles on the wheels. The weight difference with the previous Colnago TT model, K.One, is minimal while delivering better overall braking performance and safety.



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The frame has been developed following the new UCI guidelines, which allow a more aggressive geometry for the tubes and the fork, which now have a "blade" shape. More aerodynamic and stiffer.

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The seatstays have a more aggressive and aerodynamic shape. They are now lower, with a horizontal component. This allows better comfort, and better aerodynamics, without compromising the overall stiffness of the bike.

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Front Area

Front Area

The frontal area of the front tube has been drastically decreased. This part is now thinner, leading to a drop of the drag coefficient.

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The handlebars are now produced by Colnago. In terms of weight and stiffness they're in the top solutions of the market.

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Bottle Cage

3D Printed bottle cage

The new bottle cage is perfectly integrated into the shape of the frame. It is 3D printed and it fits a specific Colnago bottle with a new shape that improves aerodynamics, and also gives the rider a better grip when grasping the bottle for drinking at high speed.

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Disc Brakes

The new TT1 features a Disc Braking system. To go faster, you need to brake better, not less. What's more, disc brakes make the bike stiffer and more precise in steering.



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Sloping Geometry

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