Ask and answer with Alexander Kristoff
4 December 2018 - Team
Ask and answer with Alexander Kristoff

After your racing season, how many days of rest did you do? What does it mean to rest for you? Abandon the bicycle completely?

I had only 1 week completely off. This year I ended the season pretty early, this means that I also rode back on my bike early too. After the 1 week off, I spent more or less 1 month training in a light way.

What does It mean for you winter training? Only bike or some alternative sports?

I did not touch my bike for my week off, but for the off season usually I train on the bike like 50% of the time, and 50% in the gym or running mostly: not in an intense way, but in a way that helps me to have an athletic body, which is useful for a sprinter.

How much off-the-bike training do you do?

During off season, I do three times a week gym training, moreover I also do some running intervals. I also play 1 time a week some field hockey with the local bike club: nothing serious, just for fun an avoiding impacts.

What about your nutrition? Any particular attention or do you eat what you want?

I must take a bit care of the amount I am eating, but in general I eat what I want but not as much as I would like… I’m aware it is an important topic and I agree with the team about the key guidelines.

Final question. What’s your favourite on-the-bike workout in this winter time?

I like to ride my Colnago Prestige Cx bike in wood trails in the winter time. It is nice to have something else then asphalt under your wheels.