Built to win.

This bicycle has been engineered and built to do just one thing: win. The Colnago V4Rs is the results of years of research and tests in the World Tour. Improved stiffness, better aerodynamics, weight decrease.

Ten iconic series colours.

Main features
A winning bicycle must be stiff, light, aerodynamic, comfortable and robust. The V4Rs is today's best bike by mix of all these characteristics. Only one objective: to win.

Stiff and responsive where you need it


The V4Rs has peculiar carbon laminations, designed and tested with particular attention to the areas of the frame most subject to tension. Pedalling power is transmitted to the frame immediately and effectively, more than any other bike in the World Tour.

Unparalleled ridebilty and precision


The lightened and revised fork makes the bike much more rideable downhill, in groups and on technical courses.

Narrower front area


The front area of the bike has been optimised with lines that follow and facilitate airflow. The V4Rs is the bike you want to be on when you are alone, in a breakaway, on your way to victory.

Wheels up to 32 mm


The bicycle is evolving: more space for tyres allows us to meet the needs of all cyclists and to be compatible with the largest number of wheels and tyres on the market.

Ceramic Speed SLT headset


The headset bearings are treated with Ceramic Speed's SLT technology, which virtually cuts out the need for any maintenance during the life of the product

Easier bike fitting


The increase in reach and stack between the different geometries is linear: This allows for an easier bike fitting to enable the rider to find the perfect riding position.

Colnago V4Rs: built to win. Colnago
Colnago V4Rs: built to win.
Read the white paper
We validated every design decision in a World Tour a competition context. A project must not only look good on paper. It has to work well in real life.


Concept and Design

Having our production site in Cambiago allows us to work on materials and specific frame parts with great accuracy and speed. Ahead of everyone else.


Prototype phase

After an initial skimming via software using fluid-dynamic models, the best performing models are produced as prototypes.


Internal testing and design selection

In addition to wind tunnel testing, the V4Rs prototypes were tested on special machines that measure carbon flexion in various high-wattage pedalling scenarios.


Validation in racing conditions

In early 2022 we built the final prototype of the V4Rs in five different micro-variants, each different in terms of carbon lamination in certain key parts. The Colnago Prototype - that's the name - was used during the Tour de France and in the second half of the season by the UAE Emirates team


Final tuning and production

The feedback from the race clearly showed us which lamination was the best for versatility and performance. That one was selected for market introduction.

Blockchain Technology

Register your Colnago V4Rs on the Colnago Blockchain. You will enjoy all the legal benefits of having the ownership of your bicycle registered on a secure system accessible to the authorities.

In addition, you will be able to prove the authenticity of the frame at any time, resell your Colnago more easily on the secondary market, certify any maintenance carried out, and report a theft making it unsaleable on the secondary market.

Finally, you get an extension of the warranty for an additional year over the statutory two-year warranty already provided with the bike.

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