Register your Colnago

If you have just bought a Colnago, register your new bike on our portal. This gives you numerous benefits, including the Colnago 3-year warranty (instead of the statutory 2 years).

If your model is one of those equipped with NFC technology (such as C68 and V4Rs) you can also register it on the Colnago blockchain. In addition to the extended warranty, you will receive digital certification of the authenticity and ownership of your bicycle, with the associated legal and economic advantages


Colnago 3-year warranty

On all its products, Colnago offers a two-year statutory warranty under European law and a one-year warranty on paintwork.

By registering your bike on our Website [Here's the link you need], you will also get the Colnago Warranty: your bike will be protected for 3 years from purchase instead of the 2 years required by European law.

At this link you can read the legal details of the Colnago Warranty and the conditions under which it applies.

Colnago Blockchain | Digital Certificate of Ownership

If you register the ownership of your bike on the blockchain instead, via the Colnago App, you will get a digital certificate of ownership of your Colnago.

It means that you can at any time prove that you are the real owner of that bicycle. Thanks to the NFC tag stuck on the frame, this information will be readable directly from the bike This fact severely limits the market for stolen bikes, and makes the theft of a Colnago hugely inconvenient, effectively discouraging it.

Bike without NFC technology - Blockchain

This applies if you have purchased one of the following models: V3, G3-X, V3Rs, TT1, Master, Arabesque or any other pre-2021 model.

To obtain the 3-year legal warranty, click on this page and fill in the form that appears with the purchase and bicycle data.

To obtain the Colnago Warranty it is essential to register the bike within 30 days of purchase. The date of the invoice or sales receipt, which you will be asked to upload, will be decisive.

Bikes with Colnago NFC Blockchain technology

If you have purchased a C68 or V4Rs or any limited edition bike produced since March 2021, then your bike is equipped with an NFC tag.

The NFC tag is a special screen-printed sticker placed between the down tube just below the water bottle. To register your bike and get the Colnago Warranty extension, simply download the Colnago app [for iPhone or Android] to your mobile phone and follow the step-by-step instructions.

The Colnago NFC sticker (or 'tag') is located on the down tube, just below the water bottle.