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Colnago C68. The latest icon of the C Series.

The legend of the C series

Dalla grazia quasi sartoriale della C35 alle leggendarie vittorie della C40, dalle innovazioni tecnologiche della C59 all’iconica C68, la serie C è sempre stata la bici dei sogni di chi si intende di biciclette. I nomi di questi modelli derivano dagli anni - a partire dal 1954, anno di fondazione dell’azienda - in cui sono stati creati. La lettera C, che introduce il nome, sta per Colnago, Cambiago, Carbonio, Classe The names of these models derive from the years - starting in 1954, the year the company was founded - in which they were created. The letter C, which introduces the name, stands for Colnago, Cambiago, Carbon

C Series
In the C Series, Colnago pursues its idea of bicycle perfection. The result is a concept in which visual appeal, construction technique, performance, emotion and history come together and merge into a product that is both art and design. Not only a technical artefact, but also a style statement.

C68 Road

A unique bike in terms of class and elegance.

C68 Road Ti

Carbon and titanium. Lightness and class that never goes out of style

C68 Allroad

Don't stop when the road ends

C68 Gravel

Anima Colnago. Unlike any other.
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Fatta a mano in Italia

C Series frames are built, painted and assembled exclusively in Italy, using a handcrafted process involving modular frames, composed of several parts - tubes and joints - that are carefully shaped and glued together. This process originated in the years of steel tubes, which were cut and welded to size in Cambiago for the most legendary champions in the history of our sport.

Colnago C Series Colnago
Those who live and breathe cycling dream of a Colnago Serie C
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