A new icon is born.

Handmade in Italy. In the Colnago C68 Road we have channeled all the energy, passion, technology, history and DNA of Colnago to create a bike that is the ultimate, the pinnacle of the art of bike building according to Colnago.

Four iconic colours as standard

Main features
This model combines racing geometry and performance details with the timeless appeal of the modular frame. The C68 Road is a champion of road bikes. A bike handmade in Italy to be enjoyed and admired.

Wheels up to 32 mm


The bicycle is evolving: more space for tyres allows us to meet the needs of all cyclists and to be compatible with the largest number of wheels and tyres on the market.

T47 bottom bracket


Larger diameter bearings have better endurance and reduce rolling friction.

Rigidity and steering precision with the new steerer tube


The larger diameter compared to the C64 allows greater rigidity and a better feeling of safety when riding on more technical trails.

Lightened and updated fork


The fork has been optimised to be lighter while retaining the same degree of rigidity and precision.

Integrated multitool


Sooner or later, everyone needs a multitool to deal with any small adjustments that may be necessary during a ride (such as a flat tyre). We have integrated this tool into the top cap of the headset.

Ceramic Speed SLT headset


The headset bearings are treated with Ceramic Speed's SLT technology, which virtually cuts out the need for any maintenance during the life of the product

Aggressive geometries


The geometry of the C68 Road also makes it a suitable bike for those seeking speed and more aerodynamic positions. Reach, stack, head angle and other parameters are comparable to those of the V4Rs, our dedicated race bike.

The C68 proudly continues the tradition of the modular frame

The frame is constructed from several carbon parts that are hand-assembled in Italy through joints and interlocks. The number of parts that complete the frame, i.e. 8, is the same as the previous C series (C64).

We have introduced a new process: banding

The carbon bands are applied manually at the joint between the carbon modules, after which they are filed and polished to achieve the look of a monocoque frame with the best Colnago modular frame properties.

An art jealously guarded and handed down

The tradition of modular carbon frames began at Colnago in the early 1990s. Colnago was the first brand in cycling history to introduce carbon frames to professional teams, winning a technically demanding race like the Paris Roubaix with the legendary C40.

Greater care and precision in module production compared to a complete frame

The smaller moulds of the individual modules allow us to work with greater care and obtain the highest quality carbon parts.

Handmade in Italy
The savoir-faire of the same hands that made the bikes of the greatest champions in cycling history continues in a model that is already a classic.


Tube construction

Colnago takes great care in the construction of carbon parts, from moulds to laminations, demanding that its suppliers adhere scrupulously to design requirements.



At Colnago's Cambiago site, tubes and joints are shaped, finished and glued to form frames of different sizes.



Most joints are masked through the application of thin carbon bandages, resulting in a smooth tube surface.



Painting is done strictly by hand using an airbrush. The aim is to achieve excellent quality without making the frame too heavy.



Even the final touch, the assembly of the components, is carried out strictly at our premises in Cambiago.

Blockchain Technology

Register your Colnago C68 on the Colnago Blockchain. You will enjoy all the legal benefits of having the ownership of your bicycle registered on a secure system accessible to the authorities.

In addition, you will be able to prove the authenticity of the frame at any time, resell your Colnago more easily on the secondary market, certify any maintenance carried out, and report a theft making it unsaleable on the secondary market.

Finally, you get an extension of the warranty for an additional year over the statutory two-year warranty already provided with the bike.

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